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    MICAS-X (Multi-Instrument Control and Acquisition System - eXtended), is OCC's premier software product. It is a highly configurable, highly extensible, modular LabVIEW data acquisition and control framework that can be used to greatly accelerate development of customized LabVIEW programs. A Student Edition is also available (for free or reduced cost) to qualifying graduate and undergraduate students.

myRIO Products

myRIO 232 Serial Converter

    OCC announces the first of its myRIO hardware accessory products, the myRIO 232 Serial Adapter. Both of the myRIO MXP Connectors include digital lines for serial port communication. Within the myRIO software, support is provided for both these serial ports as COM1 and COM2, with normal UART functionality (except that they do not support hardware handshaking lines.) However, the digital output bits for these Tx and Rx pins are electrically the same as the other DIO lines; e.g. they are 3.3V digital logic, not the 12V logic needed for true RS232 serial lines. The OCC myRIO 232 Serial Adapter adds the fairly simple hardware needed to convert the voltages of the serial lines to be compatible with the vast majority of RS232 serial ports. With this board, you can use your myRIO to communicate to a wide range of instruments that use RS232 communications, such as GPS's, multimeters, scales, and much more.

myRIO 232 Serial Converter
    The OCC myRIO 232 Serial Adapter plugs directly into either the A or B MXP connectors of the myRIO. The serial port is then available as a standard male 9pin dSub connector, wired as a DTE (e.g. a computer or terminal, not a modem or instrument). In order to communicate between this serial port and a serial port on a computer (another DTE), a null modem should be used. When communicating to an instrument (e.g. a DCE), often a null modem will not be needed, but consult the instrument manual to ensure a proper connection.
    All the pins on the MXP connector other than the two used for Rx and Tx are routed through to the connector on the opposite side, so that the other functionality of the MXP connector can still be used. The connector on the myRIO 232 Serial Converter is identical to the connector on the myRIO, so any wiring you have already created for the MXP connector can be plugged directly into the myRIO 232 Serial Converter. LEDs on the myRIO 232 Serial Converter blink when data is being transmitted, to allow for easy debugging of your communcation
myRIO 232 Serial Converter
myRIO 232 Serial Adapter with

    The myRIO 232 Serial Converter is available as a assembled and tested product, or as a kit. The board is designed with through-hole components to allow easy soldering of the kit. The kit contains the board, all components, and all connectors, so that the completed project will have the full functionality of the pre-assembled product. Prices for the products are:

Part #
Assembled and tested myRIO 232 Serial Converter
$38.00 ea
myRIO 232 Serial Converter kit
$23.00 ea

    The User Manual for the OCC myRIO 232 Serial Converter can be dowloaded here.
    Orders can be placed by calling Original Code Consulting at 303-834-7023. Credit cards are accepted. Orders and inquiries can also be sent to orders@originalcode.com
Small quantities (5 or less) are usually available in 1 week, while larger quantities are available in 3 to 6 weeks.

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