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Original Code Consulting

LabVIEW Applications and Systems Development

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David Thomson, Ph.D.
Founder, Director of Engineering

David Thomson


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Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer

Ted Anderson, PE
Systems Integration Engineer

Ted Anderson


    Original Code Consulting provides LabVIEW programming from instrument drivers to complete applications.  We have over three decades of combined LabVIEW experience in laboratory data acquisition, experiment control, and data analysis and review tools, and over 18 years as a LabVIEW consultant and National Instruments Alliance Member in Colorado.  Our previous projects have included serial, DAQ, and custom interfaces to mass spectrometers, test and measurement equipment, high speed digitizers, analytical chemistry instruments, and laser and optical systems.  Although many of our consulting projects have been in the R&D world (academic, government, and industrial), we also have extensive experience in commercial and industrial applications such as process monitoring and production test.  Besides working with NI hardware, I have written drivers and programs for instruments and plug-in boards from numerous other manufacturers.  In addition to working with clients throughout Colorado, we have helped customers achieve success throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

   We provide cost-effective programming solutions designed with long-term maintainability in mind.  Our emphasis is on well-documented, quality code with a highly-functional, easy-to-understand user interface.  End-user support is available to ensure successful implementation and full compliance with the customerís specifications.  A discounted rate is available for educational and government institutions.  Besides extensive experience with LabVIEW itself, we are proficient in using LabVIEW RT (Real Time), and LabVIEW FPGA, and NI's Vision hardware and software, as well as a variety of other programming languages and software tools.

OCC Projects

OCC has expertise with these technologies:
LabVIEW Programming Instruments
Instrument Drivers Digital Oscilloscopes RS232/RS485 serial
Data Acquisition High Speed Digitizers UDP, TCP-IP
Data Analysis and Display Lasers
Instrument Control Laser Power Meters NI-DAQ, including CompactDaq
Process Monitoring Power Supplies VISA
Integrated Data Systems
 Pulse Generators Vision

Systems Analytical Chemistry Instruments Motion Control
Lasers / Optical Systems Micro-Positioners Plug-In Cards
Mass Spectrometers Particle Counters Custom Interfaces
Optical Spectrometers
Multi-Channel Analyzers USB Instruments
Industrial Processes Aerosol Instrumentation Communication Interfaces via DLLs
Test and Measurement Custom Instrumentation, including FPGAs
SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)
Laboratory / Field / Aircraft / Balloon
Industrial/R&D Process Control


    Many examples of our previous work are described on this web site, including previous scientific and utiltity LabVIEW programs, drivers for various instruments available for free download, and several publications and presentations we have written, including two that were selected as finalists in the Research category for the NIWeek paper contest.

What's New from OCC

    October 6, 2017: The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at CU just released a short video about the atmospheric chambers that I have been working on there for the last few years.

OCC's MICAS-X software runs both chambers simultaneously, but asynchronously, allowing two different experiments to be run at once.

    August 31, 2017: The most recent version of MICAS-X, 2.2.0, now includes an extended PID Driver with gain scheduling and auto-tuning as well as new commands that allow individual files to be turned on and off and for the file writing rate to be changed programmatically.

    August 27, 2017: VSI Parylene of Broomfield, Colorado is a relatively new client for OCC. This video presents the project OCC is working with VSI on, which involves the use of MICAS-X to upgrade the control of an industrial production line.

    July 24, 2017:  OCC has released its first hardware product, the myRIO 232 Serial Converter. This product is the first in a planned line of myRIO accessories. It acts as a level shifter to allow the serial ports on the myRIO to work with standard serial devices. (Although the myRIO serial ports are fully functional from a software viewpoint, they only have 3.3V output levels, whereas most RS232 devices require 5 to 12 V signals.)

    May 21, 2017:  The release of the Student Editions of MICAS-X (MICAS-X SE) today brings the flagship product of Original Code Consulting to a new market segment. This release is available for free (executable version) or a small price (source code) to graduate or undergraduate students in any discipline. It is targeted to engineering and the physical sciences, but can be applied in a wide range of laboratory settings. This limited edition includes all the components in the base package of MICAS-X as well as drivers for National Instruments Analog Input and Output and Digital Input and Output. If students determine that they need additional functionality, they can program their own Drivers, Displays, and Instruments, or can purchase more modules from OCC at a substantial discount.
    OCC has a long tradition of working with students and researchers in academia, government labs, and commercial labs. The Student Edition of MICAS-X is our latest effort to support this community. We have three goals in releasing this version of our product: To help students in their research and studies, to introduce students to LabVIEW using MICAS-X as the vehicle, and to broaden the user base of MICAS-X.

Previous announcements from OCC can be found here.

    OCC has recently made available a list of recommendations for configuring a data acquisition computer.

Contact Information:

Phone:  303-834-7023

Resume and references available on request.
For my Google Scholar Profile click here.

About OCC

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